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Engineering debug tool and control GUI
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ALTE Engineering Debug Tool

  • Multi-Axis motion control
  • I/O control, direct Access to I/O status and parameters, Digital I/O, Analog I/O, RS232
  • TCP/IP to support distributed network scheme
  • Trajectory planning for coordinated motion, forward kinematics, the Inverse kinematics and smoothing
  • Open and close loop control,
    S-Curve, Accel/Decel Control
  • Motion Data collection and FFT Vibration Analysis, support SQL, MS Access
  • Motion scope, tuning in real time
  • Data Logging and management


  • Multi-robotic controls with intelligence
  • System configuration
  • Schedule algorithm
  • Transfer sequence with recipe editor
  • Recipe file import and export
  • I/O status display
  • Robot station position teaching
  • System events log display