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ALTE Motion’s main product is the All-in-One Plug-n-Play Universal System Controller, which includes Robotic Motion control, I/O control, Equipment Safety interlocks, Process Control and network communication in a single box. This highly integrated controller can be easily reconfigured and customized to support different hardware platforms.

ALTE Motion Inc, founded in 2002, is a Silicon Valley based advanced control system solution provider. It develops, designs and manufactures high performance Universal System Controller for semiconductor OEMs and provides engineering services.

Our mission is to exceed expectations of every customer by offering high quality and high performance products, and outstanding engineering services, thereby helping our customers to achieve their business and financial success. We offer complete turn-key system solutions from customized engineering design to low cost manufacturing, including: System design, Electrical, Motion control and Software development.

ALTE Motion also provides engineering services to its clients in the following areas: Robotic Motion and I/O control, Process Control distributed robotic control systems, automated material handling, factory automation, software development, etc.